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As Vancouver’s original warehouse district, Yaletown has experienced a major revitalization since its rebirth as host of Expo '86. Since then, Yaletown has become a densely populated residential neighbourhood, home to the city’s beautiful people, and one of Vancouver's hippest areas, filled with sidewalk cafes, trendy restaurants, a thriving nightlife scene and intimate boutique hotels.

After strolling the brick-lined streets, pick up lunch from a local café and head to the waterfront David Lam Park for an impromptu picnic.

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Yaletown is the envy of city planners around the world who would love to emulate the area’s transformation from crumbling industrial district to postmodern trendsetter. But the Yaletown of today-widely regarded as Vancouver’s ‘Little Soho’ —is a far cry from the area’s gritty roots in the 1880’s, when the Canadian Pacific Railway housed its rail yards here and manufacturers built warehouses to take advantage of easy access to the network.

Thriving as the city’s industrial heart for decades, Yaletown suffered badly in the 1940’s, when highways replaced rail as the preferred method for transporting goods. By the 1970’s, the area’s few remaining businesses were outnumbered by rough bars and derelict storage space.

Many of Yaletown’s former industrial brick warehouses have been converted into super-hip clothing stores, designer furniture outlets and even a trendy showroom for the new Mini Cooper-a post-modern reinvention of a design classic that mirrors the stylish redevelopment of the Yaletown area.
After strolling the brick-lined streets, pick up lunch from a local café and head to the waterfront David Lam Park for an impromptu picnic. Here, you can hop on the Aquabus Ferry and connect to other stops along False Creek.

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