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The West End

Stretching from Coal Harbour to English Bay, from Stanley Park south to Burrard Street, the West End’s tree-lined boulevards, neighbourhood restaurants and independent shops serve a population of young people and seniors in a largely adult-focussed area of the city. This is one of Canada’s most densely populated areas, and also the focus for the city’s LGBTQ+ community. The West End’s vibe is diverse, multicultural and as laidback as the neighbourhood’s waterfront location would imply.

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Davie Village
English Bay
Inukshuk Statue

The West End

At the southern edge of the neighbourhood, you’ll find two beautiful urban waterfronts - English Bay and Sunset Beach. A great jumping off point for rollerblading adventures, strolling for ice cream, and picnics, while also providing the gateway to Stanley Park. The West End is one of the most forested areas of the city. Years ago, the main artery of Denman street provided the only access point to English Bay from the city as a narrow dirt path where city dwellers could escape the hustle and bustle of the downtown core. Community appointed lifeguard of the area, Joe Fortes, became legend here summer after summer providing services for safe family fun.
The indigenous people named what is now called English Bay “Ayyulshun,” which means 'soft under feet'.

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