This is Day Trips from Vancouver


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Day Trips from Vancouver

Have a bit more time to discover British Columbia? Vancouver is the perfect launch pad to explore other parts of the province. Along the gloriously scenic Sea to Sky Highway you’ll find incredible outdoor adventures just 45 minutes away in Squamish or in the nearby town of Whistler, host mountain resort to the 2010 Olympics Winter Games.

Take a ferry, helicopter or floatplane across to Vancouver Island to visit the charming provincial capital, Victoria, or hang ten in Canada’s surfing capital Tofino. Or head inland to discover B.C.’s lakeside wine growing region, the Okanagan Valley for exceptional wine experiences.

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The Fraser Valley is a wonderful short drive east of Vancouver along the Trans-Canada Highway. Enjoy fresh water fishing, hot springs, river rafting, agri-tourism and even some local mysteries. The major centres to visit include Chilliwack, Harrison Hot Springs, Agassiz, and Abbotsford. All have a wonderfully distinct feeling and vibe, and all have unique experiences and attractions to help you create deeper connection to the spirit of the land.

The Fraser Valley traces the path of the mighty Fraser River as it winds itself towards the Pacific. Fishing for pacific salmon, sturgeon, and trout is especially lucrative on the Fraser River, and the powerful waterway also offers plenty of chances for exhilarating rafting and boating adventures. The region boasts a number of parks and conservation areas, and after a long day of exploring, many visitors choose to unwind in the Harrison Hot Springs.
You can search for the elusive “Sasquatch” or Bigfoot around Harrison Lake. Harrison Mills is home to the legendary Sasquatch, a giant apelike creature covered with hair known around the globe.

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Day Trips from Vancouver

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