This is False Creek & Granville Island


This is

False Creek & Granville Island

False Creek is best enjoyed on foot or by bike on the beautiful seawall that borders the waterfront, providing stunning views of the city in all directions.

Not to be missed is the renowned market at Granville Island. Originally an industrial area, Granville Island is now a hotspot for cultural and culinary explorers. Home to the bustling Granville Island Public Market, take a tasting tour to meet the vendors and sample local specialties. You’ll find many restaurants, artists’ studios, theatre, breweries and independent shops. Right on the water, this is also a popular spot to launch off on a paddle around False Creek, or tour aboard one of the adorable mini-ferries cross-crossing the water.

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False Creek & Granville Island

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This “island” under the Granville Street Bridge boasts a brewery, public market and maritime museum, plus dozens of artisans, specialty food retailers and a Kids Market. Stay past sundown for dinner and a show at one of Granville Island’s many restaurants and theatres. An oasis for children at the heart of Granville Island, this two-level indoor wonderland is filled with activities, shops and services catering to young minds and creative imaginations. With crafts, games, costumes and more, this is an experience the whole family will enjoy! ‍
The Olympic Village was created from an old industrial area to house all the athletes at the 2010 Winter Olympic Games. After the athletes left, the buildings were converted into over 1,000 condo units.

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False Creek & Granville Island

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