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Step aside, downtown; make way for East Vancouver—or as locals affectionately call it, the "east side." Here, cultures don't just mix; they dance in the streets! Stroll down Commercial Drive, our very own 'Little Italy,' and keep going until you hit Main Street. You'll find yourself amid a delightful jumble of microbreweries, vegan and vegetarian eateries, and quirky boutiques so unique you could easily lose track of time (and maybe even yourself!) for an entire day. So, come explore and let East Vancouver's eclectic charm sweep you off your feet!

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Italian Trulli
I know the meaning of the East Van cross has changed over the years but so has East Vancouver. It has evolved and not includes an active arts community that my wife and I have enjoyed for years. From comedy shows and poetry slams on Commercial Drive to plays at the Clutch and concerts at the Waldorf and the Rios, East Van has become a vibrant part of the city's identity.
- Nick Marino, Canadian comedian, author and educator.

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East Vancouver

Welcome to East Vancouver! Far more than just a geographical location, East Van is an experience, a cultural tapestry woven from diverse threads that make up one of the most vibrant corners of Vancouver. Located between Burrard Inlet and the Fraser River and stretching from Chinatown to Burnaby, this sprawling area is the beating heart of Vancouver's culinary, artistic, and entrepreneurial spirit.

Why choose East Van? First, it's a mosaic of micro-cultures. Imagine a place where Little Italy coexists peacefully with Little India and Little Japan, each offering a glimpse into worlds far away yet intrinsically part of Vancouver’s urban landscape. Discover spicy curry and fresh samosas in the bustling Punjabi Market, explore authentic ramen joints or sushi bars, and let your taste buds dance to the tune of Italian gelato and espresso in cozy cafes. This multicultural richness doesn't end with food; it bleeds into every facet of East Van's vibrant street life.

Commercial Drive, lovingly known as "The Drive," is the soul of East Van. Between 15th and Powell Street, this thriving artery pumps out a mix of flavors, sights, and sounds. Known for its tight-knit communities and cultural events, it’s the perfect place to sip organic coffee, groove to live music, or simply people-watch your way through a lazy afternoon.

But wait, there's retail therapy too! With a shopping scene as diverse as its residents, East Van doesn't disappoint. While Kingsway and Fraser Street reflect strong Chinese and Italian influences, antique enthusiasts and boutique aficionados should make a beeline for mid-Main Street. Here, you can find curated selections of vintage goods and unique, one-of-a-kind pieces that you won't find anywhere else.

Over the past two decades, East Vancouver has also become a sanctuary for the arts and entrepreneurship. The arrival of the Millennium Line transit in 2002 served as a catalyst, turning this district into fertile ground for budding businesses and a hotbed for real estate opportunities. From indie bookstores and art galleries to craft breweries and hipster brunch spots, East Van has transformed into a breeding ground for all things innovative and unique.

In a city famed for its stunning natural backdrop, East Van offers a different kind of beauty—a raw, edgy, and utterly charming cultural landscape that resonates with the pulse of the people who live here. Come immerse yourself in this eclectic neighbourhood. Whether you're a foodie, an art lover, a shopaholic, or just someone looking to catch the city's vibe, East Vancouver has something special for you. This isn't just another district in Vancouver; it's an experience you'll treasure, a memory you'll cherish, and most importantly, it's a local secret you'll be glad to have discovered.

So, when you think of Vancouver, think beyond the postcard mountain views and glossy downtown streets. Head east and uncover the city’s real magic in East Vancouver.
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