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North Shore Gone Wild: North Vancouver Day Trip Itinerary

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Explore Vancouver's wild side as we delve into the verdant heart of Vancouver's North Shore. This isn't just any excursion; it's a rendezvous with nature, adventure, and some delightfully fluffy/feathery locals. Stops include Capilano Suspension Bridge Park, Capilano River Hatchery and Grouse Mountain.

Unleash your inner explorer and go wild on the North Shore! πŸŒ²πŸ¦‰
Where the trail takes you
While the total drive on this enchanting route is a breezy 22 minutes, we recommend setting aside 4-6 hours to fully relish every moment.
Trail Stops
Capilano Suspension Bridge Park
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Capilano Suspension Bridge Park is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Vancouver, British Columbia. Start your journey here, where the thrilling Capilano Suspension Bridge awaits, and the Cliffwalk and Treetops Adventures beckons. If you time your visit between April and September, make a stop at Raptors Ridge to get acquainted with majestic local birds of prey like eagles and owls.
Capilano River Hatchery
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At the Capilano River Hatchery, witness the athletic prowess of salmon as they make their spirited leap upstream – a spectacle dictated by nature's calendar. Then, embrace the wilderness at Cleveland Park, where you can stand atop Cleveland Dam viewing either Capilano River or the stunning Capilano Lake. Alternatively, go for a short hike in the nearby forest where the whispering forest might surprise you with a skunk or raccoon's curious gaze or the distant sight of a coyote. Safety first though; always respect any trail markers and warnings.
Cleveland Park
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Step into the serene embrace of Cleveland Park, nestled beneath the grandeur of North Vancouver's iconic Grouse Mountain. Adjacently located to the imposing Cleveland Dam and the mesmerizing Capilano Lake, this isn't just another scenic spot – it's the epitome of a nature lover's paradise. Picture this: settling down on a picnic blanket, taking a bite from a sumptuous sandwich, and allowing the picturesque views of the Capilano River and Capilano Lake to wash over you.
Grouse Mountain
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Grouse Mountain's allure is hard to resist. Soar up in a gondola, and at the peak, let Vancouver's panoramic beauty take your breath away. Winter sports enthusiast? The slopes call for some skiing or snowboarding! And, of course, don't miss out on a close encounter with the Grinder and Coola, the resident grizzly bears of the Grouse Mountain Wildlife Refuge.
Cantina Norte
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All this adventure surely stirs up an appetite! Wrap up your wild day in the cozy embrace of Cantina Norte, a restaurant nestled in Edgemont Village serving delicious Mexican food. A delectable lunch or dinner complemented by a refreshing margarita is the perfect finale to the day's adventures.