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Got an appetite for history, a yearning for riverside rendezvous, and a soft spot for artsy escapades? Well, pack your bags and buckle up for Hudson—Quebec's best-kept secret! Just 60km from Montreal, this charming enclave whispers tales of fur traders, serenades with riverside rambles, and winks with artsy adventures. From taking in autumn's palette at Jack Layton Park to toe-tapping at the Hudson Music Festival, Hudson promises a daytrip of delightful detours. And between maple syrup hayrides and historic home hopping, you might just find your heart doing a little jig! Dive into Hudson—the town where Canadian charm, culture, and coziness collide! #HudsonHuddle

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Greenwood Centre for Living History NOUS SOMMES LE CANADA – WE ARE CANADA - mural by Daniel Gautier and Kent Thomson. mural highlights how important the Ottawa River was to the economic development of Hudson and is an acknowledgement of the power of the floodwaters. The personages represented in the boat are symbolic of the past, present, and future.

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Imagine a place where history whispers tales of fur trading explorers, where the beauty of the Ottawa River enchants your senses, and where Canadian charm and artistry take center stage—welcome to Hudson, Quebec! Only a 60-kilometre jaunt west from the hustle and bustle of downtown Montreal, Hudson serves as a serene retreat, a delightful concoction of past splendours and present wonders.

Founded in 1720 by French explorer Louis-Joseph Gaultier de La Vérendrye, Hudson wears its heritage with pride. From the iconic Greenwood House that stood tall during the regime of New France to the vibrant rhythms of the Hudson Music Festival that fill its air today, this town is a living timeline of Canadian allure. As you stroll along its tree-lined streets, every corner unravels a tale, be it the English-inspired town centre architecture or the century-old homes that seem to beckon with stories of yore.

But don't just tread the roads! Hudson is an invitation to experience nature in all its glory. Leisurely trails await at Jack Layton Park, beckoning you to meander by the riverside. Sandy Beach lives up to its name, offering tranquil retreats, while Le Nichoir, the renowned wild bird rehabilitation centre, showcases the town's commitment to nurturing the environment. Fancy an adrenaline rush? Those mighty Ottawa River rapids are ready to challenge the thrill-seeker in you. And for a syrupy sweet escapade, Hudson's sucreries, with their hayrides and traditional Quebec meals, promise an authentic taste of maple delight.

Yet, Hudson isn’t just about natural beauty and historic tales; it's a bubbling cauldron of culture. The Town stands distinct with its commitment to the arts, manifesting in the Village Theatre's captivating performances or the intriguing tales of the Hudson Museum. From housing a thriving community of artists and musicians to hosting the exuberant Hudson Music Festival, art and life intertwine here seamlessly.

Fancy a dash of shopping? Hudson’s Main Road is a cornucopia of quaint shops and breathtaking lake views. And once your appetite for exploration grows, treat your taste buds at one of the many charming cafés and restaurants. This town's gastronomy mirrors its ethos—a blend of traditions, tastes, and tantalizing innovations.

And if you're wondering what's the best time to immerse in this blend of beauty, history, and culture? Autumn in Hudson is an artist’s dream, where the canopy transforms into a riot of fall colours, painting a picture so mesmerizing, it's as if the trees themselves are putting on a show!

So, next time you're craving a delightful escape, remember Hudson. It's where Canada stops to take a deep breath and slow down allowing you to savour every moment, every story, and every scenic view. After all, where else can you say history, harmony, and Hudson in the same breath? See you in Hudson—where every day's a daytrip worth cherishing!
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