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Vancouver Tourism Deals

What To Expect In Vancouver Tourism Deals


We offer fantastic Vancouver tourism deals that will impress tourists. If you are planning a vacation, here are some of the reasons you should take advantage of our Vancouver tourism deals.




We offer the best Vancouver tourism deals because our charges are usually lower than what most other tour operators offer. In addition, we also have promotional offers regularly. Currently, we are giving our customers the value for two for the price of one.


We also offer feeding, accommodation, transportation within Vancouver, and tour activities at much reduced prices. This is because we have been able to partner with a large number of providers of tour-related activities.


Variety of plans

We have numerous tour plans so no matter what your budget is, we will always have a plan that is suitable for you. We also offer a wide variety of tour locations and tour activities. We have been organizing tours to Vancouver for so many years so we understand the road network and the locations of different tourist centers. So, we will plan your itinerary in such a way that you will touch more places within a very short period of time.


Locations to visit

Vancouver is a very hot vacation location because it has so many vacation locations. Here are some of the places you can visit and things you can do.


Visit Granville Island

This Island used to be a big Industrial Island. It now offers great Vancouver arts and crafts. It offers very busy public market where you can buy all kinds of farm products. In fact, it is home to over 300 businesses, facilities, and studios.


You can also enjoy yourself in any of the ferries that ply the route. They are run by False Cree Ferries. The public market and other stores open 7 days in a week. Use your City Passport & visit the fabulous Dockside Restaurant at the Granville Island Hotel, winner of the best patio in Vancouver for 9 years running (Georgia Straight Mag)


Visit Stanley Park

This Park is one of the biggest tourist attractions in Vancouver. It receives about 8 million visitors every year. It offers kid-friendly spots that include a miniature railway, Water Park, and huge public swimming pools. Use your City Passport and visit Canada’s biggest aquarium filled with a wide variety of fish. You can also enjoy some of its lovely beaches with the kids, or use your City Passport,  rent a bike and explore the 10 km Seawall around the park for a fabulous day!


Nothing in the park will really show that it has been in existence for the past 130 years. Apart from all the tourism sights, it also offers beautiful gardens, and wonderful hiking trails amidst its more than 500,000 trees. This Park is one of the best parks in the world, and don't forget to use your City Passport to tour it via the Stanley Park Horse & Carriage Tour. (Operating April to October 15th.)


Grouse Mountain

You will definitely want to have a bird view of Grouse Mountain. If you are not acrophobic, you will enjoy a mind-blowing 1250-meter high flight over the mountain. No view is as pleasurable as aerial view. Imagine having about 8-minute ride from the Valley Station to the summit. In fact, this ride seems to be Vancouver’s biggest attraction.


One thing about the activity is that it is available all through the year. This is why Grouse Mountain is said to be a four-season destination. It always receives visitors, especially in the winter when you get free snowshoeing for the family or ice skating with your City Passport.


There are many other great places that have been included in our Vancouver tourism deals. We always ensure that visitors make the best of their stay in Vancouver. Don’t forget to come without your camera. You will get tired of taking photographs.

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