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Vancouver Attractions

18. March 2017

vancouver skyline

The tourist brochures declare Vancouver to be "Spectacular by nature." The city is situated among a background of snow-sprinkled highlands, drenched rain forest, and sandy beaches.

Gradually earning recognition as one of the world’s most livable cities; Vancouver features extraordinary restaurants, top notch shopping, unlimited summer and winter activities, incredible cultural diversity and a cosmopolitan population. Vancouver hosted the 2010 Winter Olympics that brought it much into the limelight.

Vancouver's natural beauty entice the international rich (who have third- and fourth-homes in the city) to take a flight to the city; TV and film crews take benefit of the city and its beauty to film a lot of media. All tourists love to travel this city of extremes for its fairest weather, arts, fresh seafood, recreational opportunities and simply soaking up the surrounding beauty.

Even though it costs a lot, it’s worth a lot. 

Everyone loves to visit Vancouver, but for this, they must carry with them a very fat wallet. Accommodation, vehicle rental, sightseeing tours, fun activities and even dining is pretty expensive here; nevertheless, this doesn’t necessarily keep tourists from travelling to the city because they believe it’s worth spending that amount for such a memorable experience. No wonder, there is a sharp rise in visitors to Vancouver in the past few years.

There are many reasons to visit Vancouver. Let’s explore some of them right now in detail:

It’s Utterly Beautiful!

Vancouver has garnered the status of being one of the most beautiful cities in the world, with a spectacular setting between the North Shore Mountains and the Pacific Ocean. No doubt, the city is blessed with more natural beauty than any other major city in the entire world.
Queens Elizabeth Park

Infinite Outdoor and Indoor Activities 

Vancouver is a heaven for leisure activities. One can choose from skiing, golfing, hiking, tennis, cycling or sailing, at times all on the same day. Theatre, sport, music, art and other entertaining activities keep people engaged and delighted.

hiking in Vancouver

Oh So Friendly! 

Vancouverites are friendly people. The city has a multicultural society with colourful cultures from all over the world flourishing in harmony. The city embodies the value of peaceful coexistence. Families, friends, couples, gay & lesbian travellers are all welcomed heartily into the city.

friendly vancouver


All special needs of the visitors are accomplished in the city in no time; everything is within reach here. The Vancouver airport offers convenient access from all over the globe. What’s more? People love to walk on the city’s streets, cycle and even rely on public transportation for covering long miles.

Canada line airport map

Stupendous Weather

Now, who doesn’t love to travel to a city with the best weather? Well, Vancouver seldom slopes below freezing in the winter months and rarely upsurges above 30 degrees in the summer. Humidity is no question here! You’re free to explore the city year-round.

Vancouver weather

Safety is Supreme

Low violent crime makes Vancouver a safe city. Tourists do not feel threatened in the streets. Interestingly, the city has ample of bike lanes separated from traffic and pedestrians.

RCMP parade

Superior Service 

Last but not the least, tourists love superior service and quality products provided by the hotels, restaurants and business community in Vancouver. Your every expectation in the city will be exceeded.
So, when are you visiting Vancouver next? 

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