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Canada 150 - Let's Celebrate Canada for more than one day!

29. June 2017

If you are like me you have seen the myriad of Canada 150 sales by almost every store in town!  While some celebrate Canada Day as a day off, other's celebrate the fact that you have a day off so you can buy what they are selling. Let's make this year different by going to a Canada Day celebration!


Canada 150 has been promoted by local, provincial and federal governments for over a year now.  Have you taken advantage of the Canada 150 - Passport 2017 App?  Lots of great content on there to assist in getting out there and exploring Canada.




With the wave of new immigrants to Canada looking for a safe place to raise a family, Canada is the place to come to. Think about all the turmoil around the world,  we have much to be thankful for, don't we?  


Let's remember this everyday as we celebrate Canada Day; aka Canada 150.  Hopefully as a nation we can continue to improve, and see for ourselves why " Everyone needs more Canada" resonates with so many people around the globe.


If your proud of Canada, get out there and celebrate!



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